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TRA is the Tennessee affiliate chapter of NAPS, (National Association of Personnel Services); our meetings support your firm’s recruiters achieve professional certification. 

Speaker Kathleen Kurke (C); Sponsors Pat Turner/EMInfo (L) and Judy Collins/Evergreen Contract Resources (R)


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Judy Collins – Evergreen Contract Resources

100 Waugh Dr. #300 – Houston, Texas 77007


What Type Of Businesses Are Interested In Temp & Contract?

By Judy Collins

A commonly asked question from recruiters is “what type of businesses are interested in temp & contract?” You can increase your business and your profits by studying the current trends in the marketplace and offering temp & contract personnel to your existing (and new) clients. Market to your existing clients first by sounding them out about the potential use of temp & contract personnel. They may have some applications where temp & contract will be a good fit. Expand your services to them in this way.

New clients may be identified by looking ahead in the marketplace to gain understanding of what labor needs are up-coming. The present administration is focused on infrastructure development. This fact means that there will very likely be a significant increase in demand for labor in the civil engineering, construction, construction services, material supply, equipment, and other related firms. Many of these companies will be interested in staffing up quickly and are good candidates for the use of temp & contract services.

Another user of temp & contract services is the healthcare industry. Hospitals and clinics are always in need of temp & contract employees and with up- coming changes in healthcare legislation, there will likely be high demand for temp & contract personnel. Medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers may staff up to meet demand as well. One caveat: avoid companies that want extended payment terms or limited mark-ups. This industry is very competitive and mark-ups are typically low. Watch payment terms so they do not exceed 30 to 45 days.

Oil & Gas companies appear to be starting to ramp up slowly. Demand for engineering, oilfield equipment and services, and construction will follow this trend. Keep alert to the status of this industry as it recovers as the demand for temp & contract may be significant. Temp & contract workers are a good option to propose to oil & gas clients because it may save them precious capital up front by minimizing direct hires, controlling benefits burden, and reducing risk of unemployment claims in the event of a further industry downturn.

Look for jobs that may be cyclical such as tax preparers, internal auditors, accountants for fiscal year close-outs, office-clerical, IT, accounting & finance, engineers & designers for short-term projects, procurement personnel, and HR staff, to name a few. The health insurance industry is in transition due to legislation changes and will likely require significant temp & contract personnel to adapt quickly to new regulations.

New start-ups have the potential of needing temp & contract workers. They may not have the capital to fund direct hires and can minimize their risk exposure by using temp & contract. Review the literature available regarding entrepreneurial activity and try to market yourself to these firms. Note that your payment terms should be shortened until they have developed a credit history.

In summary, there are many good reasons to market temp & contract services to your existing and new clients. Look at industry trends to identify the firms likely to need temp & contract employees and explain how you can assist them. A third-party back-office provider can guide you through the complexities of placing temp & contract personnel in all 50 states. Knowing WHAT TYPE OF BUSINESSES ARE INTERESTED IN TEMP & CONTRACT can give you a head start in this very lucrative market sector!

Judy Collins is the winner of The NAPS 2016 Harold B. Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award

Upcoming Events


APRIL 26, 2017 – 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

100 Oaks Conference Room – downstairs, Entrance D

What Are You Reading?

What did you read during 2016—or maybe early in 2017—that was so good that you would recommend it to other recruiters? Maybe the book was focused on sales or motivation, or included some good tips on being better organized. Maybe it addressed legal issues in hiring, or dealt with human psychology in a unique way.

Or, maybe it just helped you “keep your head in the game.”  If you found it useful, bring it – or two – to tell us all about it.

BONUS!  Everyone who brings a book to discuss is eligible to win a $25 gift card to help buy your next book.

Even if you don’t have a recommendation of your own, come to the Brown Bag lunch and walk away with recommendations for what to add to your reading list.

We thank John Borrowman, Borrowman Baker for moderating this Brown Bag meeting and for donating the gift card!  See you on the 26th!

Reservations are not required but we’re interested in knowing who will be attending.  Email to TRA:  tratninifo@gmail.com

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Monthly meetings are held at Vanderbilt Health in 100 Oaks Mall. Click CONTACT above for map and detailed directions. TRA will meet at 100 Oaks/Vanderbilt Medical Group in the first floor conference room -- enter through entrance D which is at the middle of the front of the mall (see picture on the website); conference room is behind the escalator and stairway.


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